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Mobile dust-free sandblasting machine HC500

Mobile dust-free sandblasting machine HC500

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The working principle of the dust-free sandblasting machine (wet sandblasting tank) is the process of cleaning and roughening the surface of the substrate by the impact of high-speed sand flow. Using compressed air as the power, a mixture of water and sand is formed in the sandblasting tank, and then the spray material (glass sand is recommended) is sprayed to the surface of the workpiece at high speed by forming a high-speed jet beam. The impact and cutting action of the workpiece can remove the surface attachments of the workpiece, and at the same time make the cleaned workpiece relatively rough, increase the adhesion between it and the coating, extend the durability of the coating film, and also benefit the coating Leveling and decoration.
1. The application of sandblasting is very wide and can be applied to most situations in real life. The purpose of sandblasting is to make the workpiece itself more durable. The abrasive will have a certain impact and cutting effect on the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the workpiece can obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and roughness, and the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface become better.
2. Comparison between sandblasting and other pre-treatment processes (such as pickling, manual cleaning). Sandblasting allows the workpiece to be arbitrarily selected between different roughnesses. Other equipment can not achieve this effect at all. Manual sanding can make the rough surface but the efficiency is too low, and it is not suitable for mass and large area use.
3. There are mainly HC150, HC225, HC500, HC800, HC1500, HC3000, and trailer types, which can also be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.
HC150 is suitable for car modification and repair shops. It is a relatively small and relatively inexpensive product. Depending on the pressure and abrasive settings, it can continue to spray for about 15 minutes.
HC225 is one level higher on the basis of HC150, the continuous injection time is 30 minutes, and the control system is better.
HC500 and HC800 have a continuous injection time of approximately 1 hour and 1.5 hours, respectively. It is very advantageous for medium-sized rust removal projects.
HC1500 has batch loading capacity and operating pressure is 30-150psi.
HC3000 is a machine with relatively large capacity and working capacity. It can last for 6 hours and is suitable for large-scale industrial operations.