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Gravity Tilt Casting Machine

Gravity Tilt Casting Machine

Gravity Tilt Casting Machine

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1, The device consists of base, bed body, movable mold components.

2, The clamping device consists of movable platen and mold frame, guide post, guide sleeve, clamping cylinder consisting of four pillar institutions.

3, Electrical control system consists of PLC programmable logic controller, contactors, rotary switch, touch screen, proximity switches and other components manual control.

4, The hydraulic system consists of pumps, hydraulic cylinders, solenoid valves and other components.

II,Main technical parameters

1,Mold platen size:                                   1400mm*600mm

2,Movable platen and fixed platen min spacing:                     500mm

3,Movable platen and fixed platen max spacing:                     1100mm

4,Clamping cylinder/stroke:                            140mm/600mm

5,Front and rear push core cylinder /stroke:                   140mm/60mm

6,Worktable rotated angle:                   0 ~ 90 °any setting

7,Worktable rotated speed:                        Manual adjust

8,Hydraulic system power:                                15kw

9,Hydraulic rate working pressure:                         16Mpa

10,Electric heating:                                      40kw