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Road shot blasting machine can maintain highway

Road shot blasting machine can maintain highway

2020-10-23 15:57:17 华川机械

If the daily maintenance of the road surface is the most frequent, it must be the highway. Why do high-speed kilometers need frequent maintenance? The highway not only has strict driving requirements, but also has strict requirements on the road surface to prevent vehicle accidents. Therefore, we need to perform road maintenance regularly, so I recommend using a road shot blasting machine for road maintenance.
The road shot blasting machine has many advantages in road maintenance, such as in model. Our hand-held road shot blasting machine has three models of small, medium and large to choose from. Choose the appropriate size model according to your requirements. Then we also have an integrated vehicle-mounted shot blasting machine in style. Both are suitable for highway pavement maintenance.
What is the maintenance effect of the road shot blasting machine? For the shot blasting effect, why not talk about the impact of multiple shot blasting on the road surface? As long as you are not shot blasting multiple times at once, it will not have any impact on the road surface. Our maintenance itself requires multiple shot blasting, and the time interval is relatively long, so there is no need to worry about the road surface. In the maintenance, it can remove gasoline residue on the road, clean the marking line, waterproof treatment, increase the friction coefficient and so on.
So what are the advantages of using road shot blasting machines? Our road shot blasting machine is dust-free and pollution-free in the process of cleaning the road. In this way, on a semi-closed road, no dust will fly into the eyes, which will increase the risk factor.
Therefore, it is recommended to use a road shot blasting machine for daily maintenance of expressways.