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The road shot blasting machine can be widely used on various roads

The road shot blasting machine can be widely used on various roads

2020-10-23 15:57:55 华川机械

Pavement shot blasting machines are now used in more and more road construction operations, and everyone is more and more recognized by road shot blasting machines. And the road shot blasting machine can be widely applied to various roads.
Steel bridge anticorrosive coating. In China, the application of shot blasting technology in steel bridge anticorrosive coatings cannot be denied. Most of the bridges under construction and already built will use sandblasting for surface cleaning and roughness treatment before applying anticorrosive primers or other sprays. Qingdao Shiziwan Bridge uses shot blasting machine shot blasting process. The surface of the steel bridge can meet the cleanliness requirements of SA2.5 / SA3 steel, and the roughness can be controlled to meet the user's coating requirements. The entire process is even more dust-proof. Free and easy to move. It is environmentally friendly and convenient.
Maintenance of the tunnel. In China, cement concrete is generally used in tunnels, due to considerations of waterproofing and material fire resistance and oil resistance, but this also places high requirements on the anti-skid performance of long tunnels. In view of the above two problems that my country is still difficult to solve, the shot blasting process is a simple construction, small equipment investment, significant effect, and environmental protection. In the concrete bridge deck waterproof pavement, the shot blasting process has always been the requirement of the European and American technical specifications, and is gradually accepted in China. The shot blasting process is used to maintain the concrete pavement.
Preventive maintenance of airport runways. Using a road shot blasting machine can easily remove marks and marks on concrete and asphalt roads. In addition to the road surface (except rubber), removing markings, restoring and increasing the surface roughness of the airport runway and increasing the friction coefficient on the runway, there is also the processing area of the road shot blasting machine. In the process, this was more than enough, and the road blasting work proceeded in an orderly manner.
Municipal roads and paved roads. Various pavements in the city can be cleaned by shot blasting machines to remove traces on the road. At busy traffic intersections, the road surface can be rough to improve the roughness and friction coefficient of the road surface. Reduce road construction problems. Therefore, the auxiliary function of the road shot blasting machine for urban construction is gradually standardizing and facilitating our lives.